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Growing in the Spirit, Day by Day

Introduction, September 2014

Lesson 1 , September 2014

Lesson 2, October 2014

Lesson 3, November 2014

Lesson 4, December 2014

Lesson 5, January 2015

Lesson 6, February 2015

Lesson 7, March 2015

Lesson 8, April 2015

Lesson 9, May 2015

Lesson 10, June 2015

Lesson 11, September 2015

Lesson 12, October 2015

Lesson 13, November 2015

Lesson 14, December 2015

Lesson 15, January 2016

Lesson 16, February 2016

Lesson 17, March 2016

Audio Presentations

September 2013 Retreat with Fr. Dennis Berry Part I

September 2013 Retreat with Fr. Dennis Berry Part II

Keynote Presentations


Brief history of the Missionary Cenacle Family.

September 2013 Retreat by Fr. Dennis Berry, S.T.


May 2013 Pentecost presentation by Mike St. Pierre, MCA

You may also like the video testimony of Luis Carlos Mendez on the Video page.

Rekindle Your Passion for Mission (“Regrounding Materials”)

In 2012, Sister Debbie Wilson, MSBT, has produced the following resources for either individual use or for use in your local cenacle group:

Pentecost 2014 Memories

20140607_133721 20140607_145157 20140607_133645 20140607_150931

Pentecost 2013 Memories


Holy Spirit Novena

Mission of the Redeemer Reflection Guides

Lord and Giver of Life Study Guide

MCA Rule of Life

Gallery: The MCA Pin

Gallery: Fr. Judge

Gallery: Founders of the Missionary Cenacle Family

4 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Wow, Mike, this is TERRIFIC! Congratulations and prayers for all the sisters and brothers! It all bespeaks life and surprise and newness! Sure signs of the coming of the Holy Spirit! Peace, prayers and love to all …. Your brother and friend, Fr. Dennis

  2. There was at one time a link to a “talk” given by Sr. Frances Damien about the early days of the Missionary Cenacle and her experiences with Father Judge – if there is anyway to update that and post, it would be great. It was very inspirational and informative!

  3. Fr. Vincent Fitzpatrick ST also gave an enlightening and instructional talk to MCA at Holy Trinity some years ago…I’m not sure if it was taped, but I think it was. It would be a wonderful addition here as well. Joanne Jones MCA

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